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Colosseum Tour – Top Attraction of Rome Tour

It feels fascinating to holidaying in Rome, the eternal city in Europe. The capital city of Italy represents the strongest and the oldest Roman Empire started under the control of the Flavian dynasty. Rome is the main base for Catholics and a key political/cultural centre in Europe. Here, the tourist crowds are awesome, and the pace of travelling the city can be hectic. But you are less likely to witness a lot of architectural marvels in one place like Rome does have, all integrated into the modern standards of metropolitan city l ife. And no other place in the world can let you walk down the age of ancient Romans and visit the innumerable monuments such as the Colosseum, Pantheon, Catacombs basilicas, Circo Maximus, art galleries like the Borghese gallery and Doria Pamphili, the renowned Trevi fountain and the Roman forum etc. The Colosseum is the largest oval amphitheatre built for gladiators and hunts for wild beasts. It is possibly the top most attraction in Rome tour and certainly on the bucket lists of European travellers all across the world.


Colosseum Tour – An Option to Explore Magical Charm of Colosseum

The Flavian built oval Amphitheatre in the center of Rome, better known in the entire world as the Colosseum, is one of the greatest icons to sightsee in Rome. Located nearby the Roman Forum and Piazza Venezia, the Colosseum together with the Palantine Hills gives tourists one of the most impressive treats in Italy. If you want to explore this magnificent architectural monument of Rome, be sure to opt for a guided tour for hassle-free travel experience and the chance to ask questions as you take the route. Despite being hit by lightning, earthquake, and negligence, and its transformation into a chapel, a cemetery and the use of under seating areas for constructing houses, stalls, workshops and constant exposure to traffic pollution around, the Colosseum still depicts its original Flavian Amphitheatrical form. This ancient Roman ruin was the largest architectural structure carried throughout the three famous royal generations; Vespasian, Titus and Domitian. The construction style of the Colosseum follows the gigantic statue of Nero – called the Colossus. To take a tour to the Colosseum and other close sites such as the Pantheon and the Vatican can be as draining as it is absorbing – so it is recommended to keep prepared. If you’re keen to include this monument in Rome tour and you want to experience the best in Colosseum tour, here are given a few insightful tips to make it happen in an effortless manner. Let’s have a look at them all:


  1. Tour Twice –

It may feel like a crazy idea to expend twice the time and money for the Colosseum tour but like Petra, Angkor Wat and a few other great wonders of the world, the Colosseum should be explored both in the day and night. You can book a day and night tour to Colosseum, or you could visit everything including the arena floor, hypogeum and the third tier in the day and come back to see it wonderfully light up at night.

  1. Opt for Private Transfer and Tour – 

Going for private transfer and tour will help you enjoy the best moments of your Colosseum tour. Not only can you avoid the hassle of standing in line for a ticket but also get expert guidance on the history, religious practice, empire, and the splendour of the highlighted parts of the oval amphitheatre – the Colosseum. Even you will be lucky enough to get an entry through certain areas that are not open to the paying tourists.


  1. Devote a Half Day (At least) for Colosseum Tour

Don’t cut your trip short and end up missing out the glorious features of the Colosseum. There is so much to see and with crowds everywhere, you may need at least a few hours to cover everything you want to sight see.

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However, a walk around the exterior of the Colosseum illustrates just how much of house was removed to add to other construction projects in the ancient city. Browsing Colosseum Rome Tickets and other close by sites like the Pantheon and the Vatican can be as exhausting as it is fascinating - so it pays to be prepared.


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